To The Kitchen where we melt chocolate !

What a wonderful part of the home. A kitchen doesn’t just provide a place to prepare food, its where we are nourished, where we congregate, quite often it’s the busiest part of the house.

I love a spacious light kitchen that is well orientated for ease of use. Gas hob is essential. I find it much more controllable than electricity. (What was that old UK add – “Cookability, That’s the beauty of Gas”) Anyway I much prefer cooking on a gas stove or hob.  And a Big oven, or two !

A tiled floor, stone, or something that is equality easy to clean!

And of course, an island … a Kitchen Island, such a revolution in the architecture of kitchens. It’s a Fabulous work station, and added storage. Best kept clear though. I find decorative clutter on an island to just get in the way. A single fruit bowl, or vase of scented flowers … MMmmm

I do like to have a breakfast bar too though. Somewhere casual to eat. Ideally, there would be a terrace of the kitchen, for more formal, but intimate eating …

I would have to have a fully stocked chocolate station … I find cooking with chocolate so very therapeutic … you don’t even have to produce anything … just melt some chocolate together and invite some blueberries along … ! A long fork like utensil then closes the deal – No need to tell anybody !

I have to mention here a kitchen that just makes me all gooey inside … the Canadian Pastry Chef Anna Olson’s Kitchen … Oh Yum !!! The one she cooks from in her YouTube videos is just a cake bakers wet dream …

On another note I do have to say – No Microwave ! As soon as the one in my kitchen here dies, I will cheerfully throw it out (to the appropriate recycling bin) and replace it with something much more interesting !

Anyway, colour schemes … I do like the black kitchen trend that appeared … sultry & mysterious …


But honestly, I think I prefer light colours. Creams, and white grey blues … like the photo at the top I suppose. An old-fashioned type design with wood and stone tiling.

Who wouldn’t want a brand new kitchen though. Whether you prefer the style in the above photo, or your tastes lie more towards a modern flat look, high tech, even space age in its feel. A new kitchen adds a dimension to a home that surpasses any other home renovation. A kitchen has soul and the capacity to produce cake ! Or salad, as per your taste …

You know what I mean through, the kitchen is the heart and soul of many homes … its also where we keep the beer and wine (usually) so it’s where we go to un wind too … or at least where the unwinding begins ….






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