The Movie House I fell in Love with ..

So there was this movie. Brilliant movie – Practical Magic – In this movie there was a house. An oh so Beautiful house. A three-story, white Victorian wooden lighthouse. Framed in a white picket fence, an exquisite and carefully tended herb garden, and most wonderfully – a wraparound porch. This is a house where they have chocolate cake for breakfast, and a room full of potions, and spells. Spells cast from fauna grown in their very their own garden. A Perfect home for a good white witch … come on in and see …


I just fell head over heels in love with this house. The fact that it housed witches (in the movie anyway) just sealed the magic of the property.
The facade is gorgeous. White wooden architecture. Little balconies, and darling windows. The lighthouse itself reaches up to a 4th story all on its own., which is topped with a hexagonal room that would have held the rotating light, there is even a terrace all the way round it. The views out across the water must be just breathtaking.

The interior rooms that you see most of, are the ones that really took my imagination namely – Kitchen & the Conservatory …

So let’s start in the kitchen :


The colour is clean and inviting, in its white and cream blends. This is a kitchen that has stood the test of time, and could most definatly teach the modern day kitchens a thing or two ! There is an Aga, which I am told are the very best of ovens. This is surrounded by lovely old square tiles, which continue around the upper part of the kitchen walls – So practical. The open shelfs (although more work to keep clean) portrays an honest kitchen that is at constant work. The modern day island is replaced by the large traditional wooden table, with great drawers in it. Which you see the charecters put to work in a good few different ways … watch the movie !


There is an elegant eating area just of the kitchen, with the divide created by glass door cupboards. A delightful space, again dressed white. The light colouring of these rooms make the characters in the movies stand out even more. This is a fabulous place of warmth and nourishment – Also where they have the occasional midnight margarita family party !



The conservatory


Now if you have read through the other posts in my blog you will know that I Love my garden … and this conservatory is just Divine … It is an enchanting fusion of ancient knowledge and living creation. This is where ingredients for their world of magic is stored and carefully maintained in its earthen ware pots and glass cloches.


What I would not do for a home such as this. A blessed place of great beauty and natural grace. A home that defines the very magic in gardening. A sanctuary of learning. I would take the whole house just as is …

I was however heartbroken to learn that this entrancing house was nothing more than a shell build specifically for the movie. The interiors all sets created in a film studio … I wonder however … are there blueprints …


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