How about an apartment in the city of Edinburgh?

Every time I visit a great city, I end up thinking how cool it would be to own a flat there. Edinburgh for instance. These big stone buildings with the spacious rooms. Those with abundant Fireplaces  … Wonderfully atmospheric … And all pretty much sound proofed too in their grandeur.

I think a fourth floor apartment. Edinburgh doesn’t rise much higher than that anyway. But high enough so as not to have too much of the street noise … I love open windows …

I recently awoke in Edinburgh to the subtle noise of the city streets which I found strangely comforting.

So something spacious on the fourth floor, with a corner turret ! Wonderful. There would have to be an office, (obviously!). Maybe a spare bedroom or two – they would defiantly have to be on suite. A gymnasium, kitchen, dining room, launderette, and of course and a living room … anything else would be an adventure !

I adore these stone buildings. The solidity of them resonated through the whole property. Though I don’t like squeaky floor boards … I hate to wake up my napping fiancé ! We do love a siesta !

Colours would be beige, and neutral while maybe siding with plums and storm blues. The furnishings would bring in the full Scottish colours of heather purple and forest green.

Wooden floors would be lovely, especially in the office. And it would be important to have an intelligent airing system in there so that the computers can breath freely. Solid wood desks are a must. A Large office with big windows that frames a view of something very Edinburgh. The castle and her rock would be ideal !

Maybe carpet in the bedroom. Or just big fluffy rugs that caress the toes and feet. Oh and a double walk in wardrobe. Or better still a wardrobe room. All the correct mirrors please ! And not forgetting the upholstered sleigh bed, empire size. Oh what a sleep …..

And you know I need a roll top bath … Or, maybe double baths MMMmm, interesting. You know what I mean, beautiful baths set side by side. That way there is no argument on which bubble bath would be appropriate for the time of day! Tile floor in the bathroom. With wonderfully natural, and oh so soft rugs, for the drip drip drip of wet cleansed bodies.

The convenience of having everything to hand in a city is quite seductive. No real need to keep the cupboards fully stocked … there will always be a shop open within walking distance. And the restaurant choices, are mouth watering.

I would need an easy escape however, somewhere to run with the dog, and breath in our life giving fresh air. So I think this fantasy apartment would have to be on the outskirts …

But then the more I ponder the more I realise I need the space, and then the further from the city I envisage this apartment to be, until it is at last quite heavenly in the open countryside … the city now just a 20 minute jaunt in the car. And its no longer an apartment. Its some big grand old house with gardens and grounds … Nice to ponder though …



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