Does your home have a fragrance or an odour?

Dogs, kids, and let’s face it, we too add scent to our homes in more ways than we probably care to account for !

The tricky thing is, we are so use to the smell of our own home we don’t notice it At All ! Even if you keep the house as clean as possible it still has a scent. Its own fragrant identity. Don’t you want it to be a pleasant one? I sure do !!!

Scents are highly stimulating. They can evoke memories, and change your mood very quickly. Remember the last time Rover took a highly fragrant liberty or two on the carpet ?

But a home is not a home to me without a dog and or a cat (you can keep the kids !) And the scents I love most are floral in fragrance. Rose, Orchid, Jasmin. A tad removed from wet dog ! Although I have to confess I do love that smell too – in very small doses however.

So to ensure my home is a fragrant one of the pleasing kind, I have scented plants that almost clamber though my every door and window. There are times however when you need to boost that elusive fresh floral fragrance by other means. For example in winter when its too cold outside to keep windows open for too long …


So, I use an oil burner. To me it is the most natural room freshener, and the scent seems to linger longer and almost adhere to the furnishings. There is also the added benefits of the essential oils that we use in oil burners. They are much more stimulating to the senses.


Here is a rundown of the fragrances I nurture in the individual rooms of my home.

Scents for the Bathroom
My preference here is Orchid & Jasmin … difficult to get. I sometime have to buy the “perfume oil” as opposed to essential oil. But it works pretty much the same. The combination is so light. Almost transcendent in its ability it uplift and relax the senses …

Office Stimulants
Mint, sometimes accompanied by lavender. But always Mint. wonderful for stimulating the brain, promotes clarity. Really helps me focus when I am working. If you add eucalyptus it will also help clear your sinuses, or stuffy nose too !

Kitchen aromas
Now this is a room that takes care of its self in the aroma department ! All you have to do is make sure your bin is emptied daily. Keep your bread fresh. And keep that oven busy ! Pies, Cake, Casseroles …. You know what I mean. Just produce good freshly prepared food from your kitchen on a regular basis and you are set here !

Evening Fragrance
I like a light, but up-beat fragrance in the evening. I mix mint, rose and lavender. (Although rose is a tricky one to get in pure essential oil too.) But that mix is delightful. And keeps me alert while relaxing me at the same time – Perfect after a busy day here at my PC !

How do you keep your home fragrant fresh … Let us know below !


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