Does your garden compliment your house ?

This might not be something the average home owner thinks about. Too busy with work, kids and other stuff to really think about the exterior aesthetics of the matching house & garden …

But it is something to be considered. Especially if you are looking to keep the value up on your home. A well thought out garden can make your house look bigger, smaller, more elegant or even create a confused looking home …

Gardens should be adherent with the architectural style of the house. If you have an old traditional cottage type home, then a romantic blousy garden will be more complimentary. Sure, you can include a bit of topiary, or formal planting here and there but on the whole a cottage garden style will be more appropriate.

If you live in a house of more modern architectural style, then a modern garden design will suit.


Window boxes are something to consider too. Easy to set up. Its doesn’t have to be complicated. Some ivy on each outer sides of the box and maybe a pansy in the middle – choose a colour of pansy that sets of your curtains. If you keep the symmetry on each window it will create and immediate striking accent to your exterior. Don’t forget to water !

See here for help with choosing appropriate plants.

If your house is small don’t cover it in creepers, and bushes, rather use them to create the illusion of size. You can craftily prune them to make your home appear much larger than it actually is.

Large houses will benefit from great flat lawns, a good sizes lawn tends to complete the package. A bigger home usually mean lots of kids, and they need somewhere obvious to play …. A large lawn creates the feeling of grandeur. If your house is stone clad then maybe some formal planting directly around the walls of the house too.


Don’t forget pots. If you are in an urbanisation, and don’t have any garden space around you then a well-chosen pot at the front door can be very effective. Choose the colour of the flower carefully if it’s a creeper. Red will create a point of focus. And train the creeper around the door frame. If you have enough sun here a climbing rose will create a very romantic soft feel.

You can also allow the best of the garden inside by planting scented creepers around the windows and doors. Jasmin, honeysuckle, climbing roses, most of these have amazing scents. Today you will find there are varieties of these plants for most climates. It’s just a sense arousing joy that no one should miss out on.

The slower growing brunfelsia bush would be heavenly beside a window. But again, this plant needs sun. And, in fact I have found it releases its scent when the sun is shining directly on it !

It’s easier than you might imagine to have your garden really compliment your home big or small. Even if its its just the window & front floor or a city home.


And if you need help there are plenty of professionals on hand.


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