My Five Favourite Pieces of Furniture

We all have a favourite piece of furniture. A chair we prefer, one that is just that bit more comfortable than the rest. Or an eye catching antique piece of that we are so very proud of. Maybe you have a magnificent chesterfield that you cant live without. A beautifully crafted coffee table. A reading lamp perhaps. What would your favourite pieces be if you were to choose? Would you go for practicality, comfort or jaw dropping beauty? I like my furniture to be practical. And practical can be very beautiful too …

Here is a list of my very favourite pieces of furniture.


An essential for anyone with more jewellery bits and bobs than they can orderly manage. I Adore my armoire.  A French piece, originally, as the name suggests. And such a wonderful way to keep all your sparkly pieces together. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. But generally the top three or four drawers have lovely separators built in which are beautifully lined in a soft fabric. The lower drawers tend to be deeper, so you can store jewellery that have their own boxes in there. A wonderful, and very beautiful piece that would adorn anyone’s home.


Work Desk

My fiance and I spend a lot of time at our desks, so in order to maximise comfort, and therefore productivity, we had them hand made for us. Solid wood, waxed to a deep honey shade. Height, width, and depth all to our individual specifications. So my desk, for example, is big enough to comfortably house my two big screens, my printer, and all the other desktop paraphernalia that I deem necessary. There is even a built in chest of drawers underneath too. I absolutely love my desk. Well worth the extra expense of having it made to measure.

I do like the look of some of the glass one too though …


Sleigh Bed

As we spend quite a chunk of our lives sleeping. I do think its very important to treat yourself to the bed of your dreams. I just adore my bed. A fully upholstered, faux suede, sleigh bed, in a deep cream colour … dressed in white cotton, feathers and silk …

If you don’t have the bed of your dreams, I highly recommend you start working towards it. It will help you relax more, dream better, and you will feel revitalised after your nights sleep. All that makes for a much more fruitful day.


Kitchen Island

This might not technically be a “piece of furniture”. But as anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen, will tell you – And island is almost indispensable … Its acts as a focal work surface, and as its usually central in the kitchen, its close to everything. It can include added storage space. Stools too, turning it into a table. The kitchen island really is a very useful piece of furniture. One I would not do without !


My Bath

Yes, a bath is a piece of furniture. Especially if it’s a stand alone roll top. Bathing does so much more than just cleanse you. So for those of you who prefer to shower, let me enlighten you into the beautifying benefits of a bathing routine:

Being immersed in water softens and hydrates the skin superbly. If you bathe regularly you will see a big difference in the delicate skin under your eyes for example. Its one of the best places to do facial exercise. Yes they work ! Its an easy place to give yourself a pedicure. And top all that with the fact it is fabulously relaxing. There are many more reasons to bathe, but this is a blog post that includes four other pieces of furniture. So the secrets of bathing can wait for another day!

What are your favourite pieces of furniture ?

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