Crespi Hicks Estate Property Perfection

Are you acquainted with the Crespi-Hicks Estate … if not then follow me for a private tour.

I first found this property online. I kept coming across photos of this magnificent home when searching for things like “Beautiful Estate Gardens.” The photos I would save were of serene garden greens against graceful limestone walls of white, and grounds of impeccable design. These where the photos that always caught my attention. I didn’t even know that the photos I had collected were of the same property, until quite recently when I looked through my “Dream Property” folder of images collectively  …

I think my attraction to the house and grounds is primarily due to the way the gardens meld seamlessly into the picture. There is no mistaking that these gardens and grounds were designed for this home. Dedicated to enhancing structure and detail. The gardens surrounding the house are manicured, yet inviting. Romantic, but stately. The balance is perfect.

Now if you want all the technical jargon, and expert analysis of the property then visit this link.

Indeed as far as I have read, the property is constantly referred to by the leading architects of today as an outstanding example of the perfect estate. From its location, which is well within the reach of a major city, namely Dallas. The ample grounds which encompass, forest, lake, gardens and just the right amount of tasteful water features. And of course the house and her surrounding buildings, which are each exquisite in their architectural beauty.

This estate is without a shadow of a doubt the most beautiful I have ever laid eyes on. Its elegant, and light. Alluring, and makes you feel you could be on nothing other than your best behaviour, your manners would automatically be all polished and at the ready. Correctness drawn from you as if born to the estate herself.

I can see myself in the morning room, with my coffee, patiently waiting for the sun to accompany me on my morning run. Or making strategic colour decisions with the head gardener. Blue, white and cream, framed and crowded in green … Heaven from the soil.

Something that sealed my adoration for this property, is its dedication to the environment. Which for an estate of such magnitude, is just so heart warming. From kitchen garden to woodland stream, there is only the purity of nature to attend, what else does one require, I ask ?

So in closing, let me just say thank you to the architects of this world, past and present, those who create such masterpieces. Such artistry in building.

This is a property that lives with me, I don’t need to own it. I just need to take inspiration from its design, from the gardens and grounds. This is the design of home I require, I do in fact demand. It is just stunning. And, if I am a good girl, and I play my cards right, I believe one day I will own such a property. Not on such a grand scale, I certainly don’t need anything that large, but I do need the excellence achieved within the design …


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