The case for a Home Gym

Years ago we turned our spare bedroom into a home Gym … And we Love it !

In there, patiently awaiting our daily presence sits, a Spinning Bike, a big manly multi gym, and 2 yoga mats !

Admittedly we have only started using in regularly in the past couple of years. But I have to tell you, personally I find it so much better than going to a fitness centre of any sort … (although I think I like the sound of soul cycle, I stress the words – I think !)

So what do we actually do ?

Well. we get up between 6 -7am. Have coffee etc, check emails (our office is at home too.) Then go out and do a 20 min fast walk or march out around our local park. When we get back its straight into the gym and do 20 mins of yoga, and then the all-important meditation. In the afternoon around 5:30 we are back in the gym. I do 20 mins of Spinning & my man does 20 mins on his big manly multi gym !


Now don’t think for a min that you don’t work as hard at home as you would in a class. As long as you are in your gym with someone, competitiveness sneaks in to make sure you are giving it all you can – and then some !


So how do we know if we are exercising properly ?

Well. we have both been to various types of exercise classes through the years. I did yoga for over a decade. And of course, there is study. But most of all you listen to your body. You can’t go wrong if you tune into your own body, and NEVER overdo it. When we start, we started exercising again after years of doing very little outside walking the dog. It was an extremely gradual introduction into what we do today. Exercise has to be fun or you won’t keep it up.

But as we all know a good exercise routine is good for you on so many levels. It makes you want to eat better, you have more energy, your skin improves. You sleep better … the list goes on and on. But as I said it MUST BE FUN. Or you will just get fed up and run the risk of hurting yourself if you are forcing exercise.

Closing the deal on the Home Gym

I love the ease and flexibility of my home gym. A home gym is so much more personal, easy to use. Cleaner, no sweaty stinky strangers all over the place. And no trump type ignoramuses eyeing you up as you exercise !

seriously I would not be without my gym here at home. Its just much more comfortable.

As for the social aspect of a gym class ? Well when you are at the gym you are meant to be working out, not chatting! If chatting is what you are mostly doing at the gym then you are there for the wrong reasons ….

Mixed race woman practicing yoga in park




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