A Bedroom where dreams are born …

The bedroom is The most intimate room of the house. Its where we rest, dress, and much of our love is made. For these reasons, it is the room which most portrays our true self. whether we know so or not.

How do you keep your bedroom? How do you dress your bed? What do you most treasure in this room? This all tells a story of our most inner self …

But you can work that all out for yourself. I am about to write about my dream bedroom ….
Oh – photo at the top is from here

A Sleigh Bed

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom is our course – The Bed. I am fortunate enough to have the bed of my dreams … I found it by accident too. My finance and I were looking for a decorative headboard, when our eyes met with this dream across the showroom floor … It’s a faux suede sleigh bed in a light faun colour … We adore it … Soft to sit up in, cradled to sleep in … you can imagine the rest … it is similar to this below (available here) And the dress – white cotton and feathers … Devine …


The Colours of your Bedroom

A large bedroom, uncluttered, to me is ideal. And Light blue, white and cream, with a touch of raspberry & lavender, then natural browns. So its light, dreamy and natural. The raspberry adds a sensuality and depth to the colour scheme. I think you have to be careful with colours in a bedroom. Colours evoke emotion, and as the bedroom is a place of rest its best to keep the colour scheme gentle. Happy colour can work too. but I am not use I could sleep in a bedroom that is, for example wine red or ever terracotta orange for very long … and as intriguing as deep plum sounds, again not sure it would be restful over time … Wonderful for a hotel room however !

Wardrobe space

I am not a hoarder and I do not have children (brave are the woman who dared.) So I don’t find the need for a mass amount of wardrobe space. I do however like a good-sized wardrobe, as again I hate clutter. I think a tidy wardrobe saves time in dressing, and helps you keep a clear mind ! So a well-designed wardrobe. Or well put together with the appropriate additional storage spaces inside, can really help to keep other things in your life organised.

The Mirror ….

This believe it or not can be a very tricky one ! Not everyone has a beautiful figure that we like to flaunt about in front of a beautiful full length mirror … but don’t these leaner mirrors just look so dam beautiful ….. Drool ….


They demand a lot of space though …

This is just a very short summery of some of the things I find most important in a bedroom.

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