The Bedroom Balcony is not just for Juliet’s !

A Bedroom balcony is one of the most romantic and relaxing architectural features a home can have. I am fortunate to have one in our home here in Spain. I can honestly tell you that it is my very favorite room! If I can call it a room …

My balcony is accessible through a 3 panel French door (that I designed myself). Which is dressed in double shear cream curtains. These complement the baby blue walls of my bedroom just perfectly.

The Balcony homes a breakfast table set for 2. Just a small round table and 2 matching chairs. There is a large cherub garden ornament who sits of the floor and continually has his nose in a book. And there are also my fragrant garden friends.

The first and largest is my “Common Jasmin”.


She flowers generously all year which is fabulous as the scent is ever present. It cascades delectably through the doors into the bedroom almost all year. This one I have trained from the ground floor. So she has grown up around the outer corner of the balcony and even further up over the beams that “roof” the balcony. She adorns us with and welcome shade in the summer from the baking heat. A great performer all round.

I also have “Pink Jasmin”.


You would be forgiven if you mistake these two jasmines as they are almost identical. Only the Pink Jasmin flowers just once a year. And she does so in prefusion. She is a real showstopper. Around February March she is amass of highly fragrant white flowers. Which are exactly the same as those on the common Jasmin. But the Pink Jasmin overshadows every other plant in the garden for around a month while she graces us with her flower show. She is in a pot beside the doors, so her scent can be effortlessly carried through the house.

My Darling David Austin “Spirit of Freedom Roses”


This is my very favorite flower in the world. She is the featured image at the top of the post. The scent is reminiscent of Rose sherbet. The flowers are huge and hang from their branches like lanterns. The petal count is 200. I have two of these on my bedroom balcony, and more throughout the rest of the garden. No rose lover should be without this rose. She is just Bliss itself. Mine are in pots. So I happily tend these beauties every day, or so with my trusted watering can, and of course feed. Roses have a diva like appetite. These dear friends sit out towards the iron railing, which I train them along.

Indigo “Morning Glory.”


Now, Morning Glory here in Spain is classed as a weed ! As in this climate she grows completely out of control – the heat makes her go loopy ! But, if you keep her in pots and under an ever-watchful eye, she is containable. To a certain extent … Anyway, again I have two indigo Morning Glories in pots that I have weaved through the iron railings. The colour combination with the white Jasmin, and my ever-pink roses is just breathtaking.

My every morning here is made, in the company of my Bedroom Balcony friends ….

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