The Bath that patiently awaits your presence

Who doesn’t like a bath that stands to attention? The clawfoot bath has to be the most romantic pieces of furniture that a bathroom can home. I always feel they should take centre stage. The bathroom should be built around their divine needs. I feel they lovingly and ever patiently await your bathing body. They await to caress you as would a well-schooled lover.

And as far as I can find there are 4 different varieties.

  • Classic roll rim tubs,
  • Slipper tubs
  • Double slipper tubs
  • Double ended tubs

So let’s start with the Classic roll rim tub


Not my personal favourite as I like to soak in as much water as I can get around me. And I am guessing that as it is flat at one end, this model won’t be as long as the others. I confess to never have been in one this shape so I am not entirely sure. But it also looks like it is made to economise on space … so not the most luxurious of the lot, but a claw foot bath it is none the less.

Now to the ever-beautiful Slipper tub …


This is the dreamiest shaped bath. It just oozes femininity and romance. Beautiful to look at by any one’s standards. But, again not the one that holds the most water … and it makes me feel like I have to sit up. So yes, very very beautiful – but not my favourite !

And then there’s the Double Slipper …


If the Slipper tub is the romantic one, this has to be the sexiest of the four … something in it says it should be soaking two people. They would have to both be very slim however, as this does not strike me as a big bath. But if you are looking for a sexy bathroom feel it is hands down the winner.

Lastly by no means least The Double ended tub …


This is my favorite. I have had the immense pleasure of bathing in a few of these clawfoot baths, and they are consistently, massive, deep, and just Beautiful to bathe in. Granted it is the least visually pleasing in shape, but who is looking at it when they are in it ! I have to say I LOVE this bath, and I can confirm that 2 people do fit comfortably in this shape !

Now these beauties also come in a variety of colours … and I they are Beautiful Colours … from burnt raspberry to opulent bronze. These baths are a stunning. No bathroom should be without one !

Bathing is not just to clean and relax you. It also softens the skin, closes pores, and helps to hydrate the skin. I love bathing. I love my bathroom. I adore my bath. No girl that wants a claw foot bath should go without. I think it is an essential part of femininity. Granted not everyone likes to bathe. There are people who prefer to shower than slip into a heavenly scented bath. Now I understand that when there is not enough time to bathe, and I too love a shower. But I could never give up my bath. My bathroom is a sacred place of scents, candles and classical music. A place where rose, mint and lavender mingle through the air, as Michael Nyman plays piano to me. A place where my time stops … a place of deep water and wonderful stillness … my place of serenity.

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