A Beautiful Property

Who doesn’t like looking at beautiful property …

I certainly LOVE to see the interior design and architecture of a beautiful home.

My perfect home would be sitting comfortably inside a sizable garden. Because first and foremost, I don’t want to see or hear a neighbor! I love privacy … quiet, still, serene properties.

So how about a lovely big garden, with a vegetable patch, herb garden. Maybe a small pond, and working station, under the shade of a wisteria perchance???

The exterior architecture would be clad in stone, with a balcony or two. Roses climbing up the walls, sharing their scent through any open door or window.

Inside would be very open plan. Our office on the ground floor. Near the kitchen maybe ? And the kitchen would be big. Island in the middle, all the mod cons. I would have a Chocolate station! And a Pasta Station – That would mean a home gym would be of the utmost importance!

I always thought I would like a 2-story house. Bedrooms all upstairs, each on-suite, and each with a view.


Where would your perfect house be? Would you take climate into consideration? Amenities? Schools? I like Europe. Spain, France, Italy. Somewhere around the Pyrenees, I think. A lovely mountain home, maybe having Barcelona as my nearest city. But yes a house with a garden. Where I can work in peace. Even the gardener’s machines would have silencers!

I am not sure how useful this article is, it’s just the first on this Blog. Or is it a Webzine? Yes it’s a property Webzine. And this is the first post, so excuse my rambling. I will improve I am sure. And I do genuinely LOVE properties. I love big, modern, properties, with ancient bits and bobs to them.

So have a browse round at the photos, I promise they will be more interesting than my writing here! We will feature properties from all over the world. And include articles on what is happening in the property markets from the USA to Australia & Europe.

This on the other hand is a starter article that I had to write in 30 mins, and as you can see I am out of practice, but I will do it none the less. Properties are a massive subject from the tiny to the luxury, we all need one. And they all seem to increase in values as the population grows.

The above photos are from the portfolio of architect John Henry





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