8 Top Tips for working from your own Home Office

The case for the working from home has never been stronger. As the digital world envelops evey sector of our industries. It is becoming easier, and easier for us to earn our living without leaving our home environment.

Personally, I have worked from my office at home for over a decade now and I Love It ! I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have my business at my finger tips, my pets by my side, and my home in sparkling order !

We are lucky enough to run our own business, Web and App development, specialising in Search Engine Optimisation. So our work is entirely online. And that’s just fine by me !

If you are considering creating an office space, or work environment in your home, here are my top tips for perfect productivity :

1 – Love What You Do :
This will sound trite to some, and completely obvious to others, but it is so very important. If you want to work from home, devilishly close to the background temptations of the TV, games, pets, and other all other enticements within your home. Then you had better love what you do. Your work has to be important enough to demand your full attention without having to compete with distractions. Its just that simple !

2 – Where to put the new Office ?
A spare bedroom is the first place that comes to mind. That way you have the entire room at your disposal, and a door to close when necessary. But a corner of the lounge can serve just as well, as long as you have the whole room to yourself. Just make that one corner your own, have it stand out as an office. Decorate it in a stimulating fashion. Colours that uplift you, a house plant is always good. This is Your place of work, go to town creating just the right space.

You could commandeer the garden summer house, shed or garage ! Just remember you will most probably have to heat it. However, if you have the finances, and love the garden theme, you could have a propose built office space in the garden. It seems to be a growing trend … !

3 – Office furniture :
I find solid wood the best medium for a desk. Especially with all the electrics of the tech. Have a good look at desks, make sure the height is right for your size and body shape. Don’t just buy one online, go and sit at some desks in a shop, so you really get a good feel for them.

Invest in the most comfortable chair you can afford ! You wont regret it I can assure you. Look at ones with back support. And again make sure you can adjust the height to suit you, and your chosen desk. Think about a foot stool, or leg rest, I have a tree stump under my desk that I rest my feet on. Its just good for changing leg position when you are sitting for hours on end.

4 – Fast Internet & Good Tech :
This is about productivity so you need the back up. Make sure you are on the fastest internet connection available. And, get the best tech you can afford too. Don’t scrimp here, the better the tech the better you can work.

5 – No distractions :
This is a no brainer, but very important or you will get nothing done. So plan to work when the kids are at school, make sure the dog has been walked, the cat is out, and you have a good run of hours to dedicate your complete focus to your business. I find classical music in the background helps me focus.

6 – Office Scents :
Now, this is a much overlooked but valuable stimulus. I recently bought an Essential Oil Grade Ultrasonic Humidifier by Oak Leaf (see here), and I cant tell you what a difference it has made. Essential Oil are highly effective in keeping you mind sharp, predominantly Peppermint and Lavender – Bliss for the Brain! Half lavender to peppermint is my preference, but you can play around with scents. Do some research on essential oils if you are not familiar with them. In the office you need scents that mentally stimulate you. You could get an ionizer for the bedroom too, and use oils that help you sleep, that way you are assured of an efficient next day!

7 – Own It :
Refer to your new place of work as Your Office, that is what it is after all. This will help you respect your new office as a true working environment and take even more pride in it. But don`t fall into the trap of encouraging friends and family to pop in when ever they want. Just gently let them know you are working, they wouldn’t expect to entertain you at their place of work now would they !

8 – Exercise :
You know you have to do it …. You must do some kind of movement if you are going to be sitting at your computer for hours on end, especially if you are used to moving about at your previous place of work. If you don’t exercise, your body will end up feeling heavy and lethargic, which will in turn effect your mental outlook and capacity.

Now, if you are a mum with kids still at home, you can ignore this completely as you probably do more exercise looking after them that you would ever need to do in a gym. But if you are not fit, I would strongly suggest you start your day with a brisk 20 min walk. Even borrow a dog if necessary, you could get yourself on a dog walkers program – Look for one in your area.

If you do decide to set up office at home, and you do it effectively, you will not regret it. Make no mistake working from home does not mean you will shirk off work. If you love what you do, you will find it’s the very opposite. You will tend to work more hours, and cover more ground in a comfortable home working environment.

My office and home are one and the same, there is very little separation between my work and my personal life, I love what I do. And when I leave the house, I do it simply for the fun of it !

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