6 Best scented plants to grow around a window or door

Don’t you want to maximize on the fragrances from your garden flowers. Well it’s actually very easy to have your home filled with fresh flower scents. Just grow scented plants beside your doors and windows. But which ones I hear you ask … Well let me introduce you to the world of scented climbers. Plants that are more than willing to carry their fragrance through your home whenever they are in flower:

There are a 2 important points to consider:

  • Your climate.
  • And where your doors and windows face (ie. How much sun or shade they get)

Making sure you adhere to the above two necessary conditions of the plant, will ensure it grows happily where you plant it. (Click here for help with that)

Ok, lets get to the list :


Jasmin produces a Power Flower of the first degree. This is a true performer. My common Jasmin actually never seems to stop flowering and the scent is decadent with a slight pepper note as it grows in strength … It is a fast-growing bushy climber in a warm to hot climate. Easily trained, and few pests. A winning choice.


I Love my honeysuckle. Flowers once a year (twice if you are in a hot climate) The fragrance is delicate and sweet. Again, this is a bushy climber and can be very fast growing. Now there is one species of Honeysuckle that you have to be careful with namely – Lonicera japonica. In hot climates, this is an invasive murderer. It will strangle the roots of any plant within reach. So be warned … Again, quite pest resistant

Climbing Roses

This is my personal favourite. Who can resist the sight or smell of the rose … Fabulous climbers, Just make sure you get a highly scented one. David Austin roses are First Class for this type of work. Roses can be easily trained and are relatively fast growers. Don’t forget to fed them properly, never over feed. That will cause more damage than under feeding.

The only down side to roses are thorns, and pests :
Aphids & Caterpillars – Get yourself a spray gun and fill it with water & washing up liquid. The washing up liquid actually dissolved the shell, and or skin of Any insect, but harms the plant not a Jot ! Agreed its not a nice death, but I will not tolerate my roses being eaten away ! Do this when the sun is not on the plant. Wait maybe half an hour then spray with normal water to rinse of the soap. (otherwise it leaves a sticky insect mush on your beautiful rose)

Lady of the Night, or Night Blooming Jasmin

Wow … what a strong heady scent this plant has. Releases its fragrance at night however, so best for a hot climate, and those with mosquito nets who like to leave their windows open at night. This is more of a bush really, but can be trained any way you like. Flowers all through summer. Can be prone to mealy bugs …

Brunfelsia  (Kiss me Quick !)

Now I only discovered this plant recently  and it has become one of my favourite scents. Stronger and sweeter than Jasmin. The flower releases its scent when in full sun. A Bush that can be trained. But best to buy it as a mature plant as they are very slow growing. But worth the wait for that scent, and quite long flowering too. Seams very pest resistant so far.


Oh the great beauty of a flowering wisteria- All the photos you see of wisteria have it in full flower, unfortunately the flowering period is short, and usually once a year. So, the rest of the year you have a beautifully green vining climber. Some seem to shed their leaves when in flower. But the effect is absolutely stunning. Some species have a fragrance some do not. And there is a highly invasive type here too –Wisteria sinensis. In hot climates this species can run a muck ! But it is a pest resistant choice too.

Window boxes :

What a Choice you have here. Depending on your climate you can have freesia. Narcissus  (paper whites) Lilies. Hyacinth. There is an array of scented bulbs that will pop up to share their scent though your windows. These will be only do so through the spring or early summer.

Herbs are also a good choice for window boxes. Different type of scent however. Lavender and mint is a lovely combination. Lemon Balm another lovely uplifting scent. Others like rosemary or thyme are maybe not the types of fragrances you want through the house. But on a kitchen window box they would work very well.

So, there you have it. A good selection of trusted fragrant plants to adorn the doors and windows of you home. Happy Gardening!

The featured image at the top is of the Rose Lady Hilingdon


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