5 Essentials tips for these Cosy Christmas Indoor Days

We are so busy buying gifts for everyone else at this time of year it’s so easy to forget ourselves. But if ever there was a time to treat yourself to all things cosy and warm – it’s Christmas … So with that in mind lets make sure we are set for these beautiful cold days at home to make them as comfortable as possible. Here are my 5 essentials for this festive season. Along with a secret family recipe that will defiantly make your holiday merry and bright …

1 – Cozy Christmas Clothing :
Renew your warm snuggle clothes. From socks to pajamas and dressing gown, make sure you have something delicious to lounge about in. It will make the day so much more enjoyable if you have a really soft new snugable.

2 – Dress your Sofa too it will share !

If you don’t already have a warm blanket for your sofa, now if the time to indulge ! Nothing is better on a cold days movie fest than your own sofa dressed in a warm blanket. I keep a single eiderdown that my grandmother gave me years ago on my sofa – It lives there all year.

3 – Towel warmer :

Installing an electric towel warmer in the bathroom doesn’t only mean you will have toasty towels for when you emerge from the bath. This is where you can warm your pajamas, socks and dressing gown too ! It also adds an extra bit of heat to the room if necessary. Easy and quick to install, defiantly something worth considering for winter.

4 – A Freezer full of soups :

Stock up the freezer with soups, stews, and maybe a curry or two ! Making sure you have hot meals on hand is not only something your mum should do ! If you don’t know how to cook (god forbid!), get some tinned soup in. You can grate cheese over the top of a hot tomato soup and serve it with well buttered toast. Even Ramsey might approve – at a push ! But do stock up with food that is easy to heat up over the holidays.

5 – Hot drinks of your choice

We all have our preferences here, much depends on the company however … So from hot cocoa to hot toddies, make sure you have all the relevant ingredients at hand.

Here’s a bonus for you :
A real Scottish recipe for the Very Best Hot Toddy
So good infact my man has been known to fain illness just to get one of these Hot Toddies !

In each glass (making sure its heat proof) or cup add the following :

Half a cinnamon stick
3 whole cloves
1 allspice

Boil water and pour over the spices, filling the glass 1 third full. Heat orange juice (as fresh as possible) in a pan until hot, do not boil. Now add the orange juice to the water & spice mixture, but leaving enough space for the all-important whiskey. Next add a good heaped teaspoon of honey, and stir until melted into the liquids. Lastly add your whiskey ….

You can play about with the spices to your own taste. Just try not to drink too many of these …it is a medicinal drink meant for those with a cold !!!

Another tip down this ally, is the Chocolate and Dark Rum Affair … these two flavours go sinfully well together …

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas ….

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